Unnecessary Use of Anti-biotics and Painkillers

By health-beauty-blog 2 years ago
Use of antibiotics and painkillers is very common these days.Everyone wants quick relief from his pain and from bacterial infections,but sometimes it can be harmful too.Here i have written about  unnecessary use of antibiotics and painkillers. 

Stop Overusing Antibiotics and Painkillers

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Many times people became doctor themselves,they take antibiotics and painkillers without any doctor advise,which can be very harmful.They take antibiotics even for viral infections (like cold,flue etc),which is not an appropriate treatment,because antibiotics will attack bacteria in your body whether it is beneficial.This misdirected treatment can then promote antibiotic-resistant (mentioned below) properties in harmless bacteria, which will make difficult to cure even a common bacterial infection(Even World Health Organisation has warned about this).So you should not take antibiotics without any doctor advise.


And overuse of painkillers have also bad effects as well as antibiotics. Most common pain killers are used for headache and joint pain.Pain killers will make u feel better for a while but it has a very bad effect if you are taking pain killers regularly.You will get addicted to these pain killers.And there are many more serious and mild side effects(like abdominal pain,diarrhea etc), if someone is taking pain killers for a long time.So for avoiding all these side effects avoid these painkillers and have a healthy lifestyle.

What is antibiotic resistant?

When an antibiotic drug has no longer effect on a certain strain of bacteria,those bacteria are said to be antibiotic-resistant.


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