Introduction to Clash of clans

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Clash of Clans Introduction

Clash of Clans is very popular free game for iOS  and android devices .This game doesn't need any introduction, but still i am writing this blog for those who don't know about this game or just started playing this game,or someone looking for a good online multiplayer game,he must play this one.
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Its a  multiplayer strategic game.In this game u have to manage a village.Other players will attack on your village,so for defend your village,you have to build and upgrade your defensive buildings.And as same you can also attack on others,for this you have to build and upgrade your army camps and troops.For upgrades and making new buildings you have to spent coins and elixir,which you can get by looting other villages and also from gold mines and elixir producer.And for every win in attack or defend,you will get trophies,which will decide your ranking.So basic buildings and what their role is mentioned below:

Town Hall

Town hall is the most important building.We can say its the heart of your village

Defensive buildings

Walls,Cannons and Archer tower  are the defensive buildings in beginning.

Builder hut

Builder's do all the upgrades.

Gold mines and Elixir collector

Gold mines and Elixir producer produces gold and elixir.


Troops are trained in barracks.

Army camp

Trained troops stay on army camps.

Clan Castle

Clan castle is broken in the beginning,you have to rebuild it,then you can join any clan and  participate in clan wars.
So these are the basic buildings which u get in beginning,but as u upgrade your town hall new buildings and upgrades will open(which i will mention in my upcoming blogs).                                     

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