How to setup your base in Clash Of Clans for beginners

By gamer_blog 2 years ago
Upgrading defensive buildings is not enough for defending your village,you must need to set up your base in a best possible way to defend your village.So common tips for a beginner to set up his base are here:

Town hall 3

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Town hall

Keep your town hall in the center,so that attacker can't easily destroy your town hall as he would be victorious by destroying it whether he has destroy anything else or not.


I have seen some bases in which  players just put their walls parallel or here and there,they don't make any use of walls.Try to surround your buildings with your walls,all buildings are not possible to be surrounded by walls,so first focus on town hall,defensive buildings and storages. 


Keep your mortar in the center of your base,as it can cover a large area,and in starting your base is not too big,so mortar will cover almost all of your base.

Canons and Archer tower

As in beginning your base is not too big,so try to keep them in a range that they can defend each other.Keep your canons and archer tower within the walls.

Gold and Elixir Storages 

Don't put your storages outside the range of defensive building ,and also keep them within the walls.As gold and elixir are most important.

Other buildings

Other buildings like barracks,gold mines and elixir producer can be also used as a wall, keep them in front of defensive buildings so that archers or barbarians couldn't directly attack on them.

Other tips

Keep your buildings close to each other within the wall boundary so that there is not any space left within the walls.
Don't put any building here and there or at any corner.
                           This is just for beginners as forward in game you will get new buildings and traps like air defence, hidden tesla,spring trap etc. which i will mention in my upcoming blogs.

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