How to improve your chess

By nikhil 2 years ago
Many players keep playing chess for long time but still can't able to improve their chess. So here are six tips to improve your chess

1.keep learning

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I used to play too much chess, but can't able to improve my chess because i was not learning anything new , and playing with same skills again and again, my rating was not improving , then i start learning chess from a local coach , and in one month my chess rating improved and i realize that things i learn from him i couldn't be able to learn myself even if i keep playing chess for whole my life, So learning chess is very important, it is best to learn from real coach, But if you want to learn online then is a good website. you can also follow Daniel King's analysis on youtube channel Powerplaychess .


image loading.. is a good website for tactics , i suggest you to solve five tactics before u start a new chess game, u will see the difference. if u keep practicing tactics ,you will not miss any tactic in game .

3.Chess is a game of two players

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If you u are just focusing on your own moves, and not analyzing the opponent's moves , then u can't become better in chess, it is very important to see your opponents moves . because if u miss your tactic, u may not win the game , but if u miss opponent's tactic you will loss the game.So keep an eye on opponent moves

4.Play against little better players

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 You should play against the players who has little higher rating than you.for example if your chess rating is 1200, you should play against a 1200-1300 rating players.

5. play atleast 10min game

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if you really want to improve your chess you should play atleast 10 min games , if u are playing very fast games (2min,5min) you are not playing real chess, because in fast games u never get enough time to analyzing the chess board. u are just moving your pieces without planing, So play longer games if possible.

6.Take rest

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If you are making simple mistakes again and again , and losing your games continuously , it is better idea to take some rest from chess , because chess is a mind game , and if your mind is tired you can't focus on chess board , then give your mind some rest.
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