Clash Of Clans

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Clan and Clan Wars

Clash of clans is the the game of war between clans,so for joining a clan first you have to rebuild your clan castle.After rebuilding your clan castle you can join any clan,if the leader of that clan allows you to be in his clan .And after that you can receive and donate troops among the clan members.The troops u received in clan castle can be used once as both ways:defending or attacking.
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Clan Wars

   Its a battle between 2 randomly matched clans with the same amount of members and you can also take part in clan wars if the leader or any co-leader(who starts the war) selects you in war.And in clan wars 1st day is preparation day,on that day players can donate troops for defending village(that troops will only used for defending whenever on battle day your village will be attacked by opposition).2nd day is battle day,on that day players of both clans have to attack on each other players war base.Each player can attack twice.You have to try to score  3 stars on each base to win the battle.If you wins the battle you will get war loot bonus.And winning wars and getting more stars gives you clan perks,which increases your clan level.

Creating a Clan

You can also create a clan,you just have to spent 40,000 coins.Then you will be leader of that clan.After that you have to invite players to join your clan.You can also promote other members as co-leader to manage your clan,and same as you can also demote any member too.For  starting a clan war  you must have minimum 10 members,but you can start a friendly battle with 5 members also.

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