Clash of Clans Tips For Beginners

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In my previous blog,i wrote about Clash of Clans Introduction.And in this blog i am writing about basic tips to play this game just for beginners.

Basic tips for beginners.

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Don't waste Gems

In the beginning you will ask several times to use gems for finishing upgrades or finish training and even sometimes you own use these gems for saving little time,but i will suggest you don't use these gems because they are very important ,as you can built new builder's hut only from these gems.And later forward you will get to know importance of these gems.

Don't keep upgrading your town hall

Don't keep upgrading your town hall,unless you upgrade your troops and buildings to their high levels,because this will make your base rushed,which means you will get difficult opponents, and probably you will not able to get loot or win attacks.

Don't ignore Gold mines and Elixir producer

Some of the players doesn't upgrade gold mines and elixir producer,but these are very important,as you upgrade them they gave you more gold and elixir,and later forward you will get to know importance of these  gold mines and elixir producer.


In the beginning, you will get lot of obstacles,so if there is need to remove them for your base space,you should remove them,you can find gems in these obstacles.These obstacles grew up again in free space.

Don't just build your attack

Many players,just focus on their army camps and other attacking buildings,but in this game defense is as important as attack,because anyone can loot and beat your village easily if your defense is not good.


There is a league having different levels,according to trophies.By joining the league ,you will get loot bonus for every win, higher level in league gives you more loot bonus.So try to not loose your trophies,but the difficulty level will also increase as your league level increases.

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