Basic Rules of Football

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Football is world wide popular game.Here i have written about basic rules of football:

Number of Players

The maximum no. of players can be 11 (one of which is goalkeeper).And a minimum of 7 players are compulsory to start a match.

Substitution Player

Each team can name up to 7 substitute players,and can substitute only 3 players per side in official football match.


Each game include 1 referee(ensure the rules of game to be followed properly) and 2 assistant referee(linesmen primarily there to assist main referee ).

Match duration and Injury time

The match consists of two 45 min. halves with a 15 min. break in between.And additional time is added with both halves to compensate the time wasted during the game called injury time.


The following are the most common fouls: if a player breaks any rule,or show aggression,violation or use unnecessary force or hits the opposition player intentionally or unintentionally or even handle the ball (unless u are a goal keeper).

Yellow Card

If a player commits a foul than he can be warned by referee by showing a yellow card.

Red Card

Two Yellow cards or getting direct a red card means the player has to leave the game for his foul and the team has to play with 10 players.

Free kick

Free kicks are given by referee for fouls.A free kick can either be "direct",in which a kicker may score directly,or "indirect",in which another player must touch the ball before scoring a goal.

Penalty Kick

A penalty kick is awarded by referee when the defending team commits a foul inside his own penalty area.The kick is taken from the penalty spot and all the players(except the kicker and the goalkeeper) must be outside the penalty area.

Corner Kick

A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team when the ball goes out of bounds on the goal line and is last touched by the defending team player.The attacking team takes a corner by placing the ball in the corner arc nearest to where the ball cross the line.

Offside Rule

A player is called to be offside when there is not any defender between the goalkeeper of defending team and the forward of attacking team during the release of pass to that forward.A free kick is awarded to the opposition if a player is caught offside.

Throw in

When the ball goes out of the touch line throw in is awarded to the opposing team,whose player last touched the ball.

Goal Kick

Goal kick is awarded to the defending team if the opposing team scores a goal or causes the ball to go over the goal-line.
  If want u want to read more,then visit here Fifa official website.The laws(rules) of game are described very briefly here (approx. 150 pages).


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