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As usually, everyone makes new year's resolution,related to health,work and much more.So for new year resolution ,here i have written about most common problem these days,specially among youngsters.

Don't get addicted to Gadgets.

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Internet and Electronic Gadgets are very popular and useful these days,but use them in a limit,don't get addicted to them.Overuse of gadgets can led to problems like survical,memory loss and weak eyesight.And the situation can come to this that you just cant live without these things,and you will don't get to know that when you got additcted so much with these things.So use them in a limit.Try to spend your time in physical activities like sports,yoga etc.And in few countries the situation have come to this that people have to go to doctors,for relief from this addiction.So its important to use these gadgets in a limit.


1.You feel restless when u are away from your phone,pc,laptop etc.
2.You are only half there with the people around u
3.You have to respond to email or texts -right now
4.Fomo(fear of missing out) grips you
5.Aggression(getting unnecessary angry)

Ways to overcome Gadget addiction

1.Limit usage
2.Find diversions
3.Be physically active
4.Socialize with people around u
5.Learn to balance and manage time


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